Birding list

Birding in Costa Rica is an incredible adventure, and few places, with such comfortable accommodations as Finca Los Caballos Natue Lodge, have such an assortment of species. Costa Rica, as a whole, has over 870 species, and being close to the ocean, Finca Los Caballos has quite an assortment of the tropical, lowlands variety. With literally thousands of acres around us of farm land, first and second growth forests, you’ll be sure to observe many birds. Birders love the private, quiet and relaxed atmosphere of our lodge, allowing for great birdwatching opportunities, right here, and closeby. Be sure to bring your binoculars, but not only for the birds, but for the monkeys, sloths, and other wildlife. 

Below is a list of bird sighting at our nature lodge hotel, on the premises, horseback riding trails and the immediate surroundings. Birders, we hope to see you soon!

Laughing FalconBlack Crowned Tityra
Collared Forest FalconSquirrel Cuckoo
Gray HawkStriped Cuckoo
Crane HawkWhite Throated Magpie Jay
Roadside HawkCommon Pauraque
Crested CaracaraScrub Euphonia
Bare Throated Tiger HeronLesser Ground -Cuckoo
Red -Lored ParrotMasked Tityra
Orange Chinned ParakeetBarred Antshrike
White Fronted ParrotRed Legged Honey Creeper
Violaceous TroganSocial Flycatcher
Black Headed TroganBrown Crested Flycatcher
Blue Crowned MotmotGreat Kiskadee
Turquoise -browed MotmotTropical Kingbird
Purple MartinScissor Tailed Tyrant
Ringed KingfisherLong Tailed Manakin
Collared AracariDusky Capped Flycatcher
Lineated WoodpeckerRose Throated Becard
Hoffman’s WoodpeckerBaltimore Oriole
Streaked Headed WoodcreeperBlue Gray Tanager
Inca DoveSummer Tanager
Red Billed DoveScarlet Rumped Tanager
Groove Billed AniRufous Naped Wren
Painted BuntingZone Tailed Hawk
Olive SparrowCattle Egret
White Lored GnatcatcherYellow Warbler
Blue black GrassquitScarlet Tanager
Variable SeedeaterClay Colored Robin
Grey Crowned YellowthroatBlue Grosbeak
Green HoneycreeperBlue Black Grosbeak
3 Wattled Bell BirdBlue Throated
Green Breasted MangoPale-billed Woodpecker
Cinnamon HummingbirdPlain Chachalaca
Turkey VultureBanded Wren
Black VultureGreat Tailed Grackle
Great AntshrikeCommon Night Hawk
Orange Collared ManakinPlain Capped Starthroat
White Shouldered ManakinRuby Throated Hummingbird
Blue Crowned ManakinIndigo Bunting
Yellow Headed CaracaraRed Breasted Blackbird
White Fronted ParrotGolden Tail