The beautiful Place

The southern Peninsula de Nicoya is still isolated and unspoiled, with typical pueblos, friendly smiles, colorfull exotic flowers and a quaint atmosphaere. Though it is a bit difficult to get there because most roads are unpaved it is worth to discover some of the best and most secluded areas and beaches of the Costa Rica.


Once a small fishing village, Montezuma is now wellknown as an international tourist destination, fascinating as one of the most alternative and happening places in Costa Rica. As being still a picturesque village – now with international community – surrounded by beautiful landscape and coastline it provides something for every kind of traveler through unique restaurants and shops, great nightlife and stunning natural beauty. The famous Montezuma Waterfall – a set of three scenic waterfalls – is just a short way out of town. The beaches around Montezuma are mostly uninhabited, palmlined and breathtaking, with rolling surf, white sand and shells. You can take a relaxed walk along the coastline north of Montezuma and through Nicolas Wessberg Absolute Nature Reserve. This walk brings you along several unique beaches to Playa Grande, a favorite spot for beaching, surfing and nude sunbathing. At the next beach – Playa Cocalito – you will discover the famous El Chorro waterfall which drops into the ocean. South of Montezuma on the way to Cabuya – still a very laid back village – and Cabo Blanco you will find volcanic rock formations on the coastline with several secluded beaches and rivers ending on their way to the ocean. Worth to hike along and to dip into secluded natural pools on hot days.

Cabo Blanco

As the first protected area in Costa Rica, Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve – a moist tropical forrest – is known as one of the most beautiful places on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. 

Curu Wildlife Refuge

Small but great. Curu Wildlife Refuge contains a great variety of fauna and flora, both terrestrial and marine. The beautiful laguna and beach invites to relax and swim. 

Mal Pais

Well known as a worldclass spot for surfers Mal Pais and offer wide sand beaches with perfect breaking waves.